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    <font color=blue size=5><b>Hello;<br>


Nice of you to visit. I am a collector and not a dealer. I mostly list stamps, but also sometimes coins and some other misc. items. My basic terms are below;</font>




    <font color=#CC0000 size=5>Terms and Larger Lots</font><br>

    <center><b><font color=blue>Small lots are not NH, if Mint do have original gum, and do not have hidden damage, unless noted otherwise. Listed CV is generally per recent Scott Cat..</font > <p>

<b>Payment in US$ CASH/CHECK/M.O./Bidpay and <u>on LOTS totaling OVER US$50 eBay Payments/PAYPAL(george@botschin.net)/Amazon 1 Click can be used.</u> Returns that used Paypal payments not received back within 30 days of charge will be reduced by Paypal charges to the the seller.<p><h3><font color=CC0000> S/H uninsured is $1 US, NON US $1.67, per small lot, unless otherwise noted. Uninsured shipments are a buyer/bidder RISK. Lots closing different days will not be shiped combined!<p> Check, Money Order, Cash & Bidpay can be sent regular mail!</u><p><u> REGISTRY or INSURANCE MANDATORY WITH Ebay Payments/PAYPAL/Amazon 1 Click and is at the buyers expense!</U><p></h3>

<font color=black><h3> My preference as to payment is Check (personal or otherwise), Money Order, Bidpay, & then PAYPAL(george@botschin.net, though I will also accept cash at the buyers/bidderes risk! Refunds are by check, PAYPAL, or cash (this at the Buyers/Bidders risk).  <p>

EUROS acceptable in CASH (bills only) at current exchange rates PLUS greater of the equivalent  of US$2.00 or 2% to help defray exchange processing. Exchange rate used by you is  to be stated with your remittance (applicabele the date of close or purchase) and if no exchange rate is given it will be 1 to 1! <b><u> NO CHANGE WILL BEGIVEN!</u> </b>


<p><font color=brown> Exact payment  within 5 days of invoicing (mailed or otherwise made).<p>

Uninsured shipment at buyer risk!<p></font><font color=blue> Guaranteed materially as presented if timely paid or refund of your bid. All lots returned because of my error are to be returned  insured & as received within 7 days of  receipt with original packing materials (including stockcards, album pages, inner envelope(s) & attachment if any).<p> Extension for opinions accepted from recognized major organization as to error in identification, but with notification and submission within 7 days of initial  receipt of the lot and with proof of submission (proof of mailing or delivery)!</font><p><font color=brown><u>SMALL LOTS NOTED WITH FAULT(S) ARE NOT RETURNABLE.</u></font></b>

<p><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font color=yellow><a href="mailto:xcvb@botschin.net">email

me with questions</a></font><br>


<table width=90% align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr><td width=100% align=center><a href="http://www.andale.com/gallery?cid=3394647&mid=1&pId=2" target=_blank><img src="http://images.andale.com/img/honesty_gallery.gif" border=0></a></td></tr></table><center><font size=2 face=Arial,Helvetica><a href="http://www.andale.com/gallery?cid=3394647&mid=1&pId=2" target=_blank><b>View my other items for sale on eBay</b></a></font></center>





    <font color=#CC0000 size=5>Larger Lots</font><br>


Larger lots are collections, accumulations, stock, box lots, etc. that generally contain more than 10 items. Though there should be many excellent an sound stamps (please also read description and look at images as to content) in the lot, do expect less than perfection (though at times you almost find it) and not an exact description. First the lot probably has not been checked that closely, or it would probably would have been offered as smaller units. Second the same goes for condition, content, as well as to estimated C.V. I generally try to have an opening bid which is frequently significantly less than 10% my estimated Catalogue Value, but since I do not consider each stamp that closely there is a margin for error. My stated CV for this type of lot is at times  a range, that can be broad. I do accept return of large lots that are returned as received and if I made a material error in description, but NOT because of wishful thinking on part of the buyer. <p></font color><p><font color=black>LOTS CAN BE SENT ON 7 DAY APPROVAL IF YOU ADD A 20% NON REFUNDABLE FEE (MINIMUM $5) OF THE SUCESSFULL BID TO YOUR REMITTANCE. S/H is not refunded!





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